Life Changing Testimonial for Moment by Moment

Moment by Moment


This wonderful letter of transformation was posted to my wall and I wanted to share it with all of you—-our words do make a difference….

Recently, I received a book in the post called “The Seeds Of Love” by Jerry Braza (accompanied by a personal note and some prayer beads too ;-)) 

It was only 10 years ago I read “Moment by Moment” by Jerry, whilst I was banged up on my first prison sentence…That book changed my life!

So 10 years laters I emailed Jerry and thanked him (I know long time to email someone who had such a BIG impact in your life)

However, it’s all about timing…So were now due to meet on Skype and connect…!

How AMAZING is that..?

When you look within, wake yourself up and become aware your life will improve in more ways then your mind can comprehend right now.. Know in your heart you were born to feel ALIVE….

I believe life was destined to be EPIC and must share the magic with others!

Thank you Jerry, your words changed my life xx

“That which we nurture in ourselves is that which we become.” From the cover of the book: The Seeds of Love: Growing Mindful Relationships ~ by the man who ignited my process of transformation 10 years ago inside a prison cell! Jerry Braza, thank you, brother”

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